The Anatomy of an Oil Rig

When you go looking for detailed schematics for oil rigs, you’re likely to find multiple designs that will leave you confused. This is largely because most literature outside of textbooks doesn’t tell readers that different oil rigs are used depending on the environment that you’re drilling in—underwater drilling rigs are a little different from those used above ground. It’s even rare for these sources to tell you that we use a different drilling technique than we did before the 1930’s.

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Digital Pressure Gauge or an Analog One?

Analog pressure gauges were all the rage once. With readings that have been provided through sensor technologies and their measurements of below-atmospheric pressure, they were used across the board before digital pressure gauges became all the rage. Although analog pressure gauges have been known to provide reliable and quick pressure readings, industries are increasingly adopting digital pressure gauges.

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3 Simple Techniques For Adjusting a Pressure Gauge

Analog pressure gauges are compact, simple instruments that are heavily used in the oil drilling industry. As the device is used to measure high pressures, it’s not uncommon for errors to occur. In fact, it’s one of the instruments that are most likely to experience calibration problems.

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Choosing The Right Pressure Gauge: A Beginner’s Guide

From planning processes to managing workers, there are many challenges that you will experience on a daily basis when you’re in the oil industry. One of the most difficult challenges that you can encounter is choosing the right instruments for processes. This is especially true when it comes to choosing pressure gauges.

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What is a Pressure Gauge? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Pressure gauges are used all over the globe in industrial environments, particularly in the oil and gas drilling industry. In fact, pressure sensors are among the most heavily used instruments in oil drilling plants.

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4 Ways to Boost Worker Safety in Oilfields

Oilfields have never been easy places to work in. Whether it was the 1980 capsizing of Alexander L. Kielland, a semi-submersible platform, which resulted in 123 deaths, or the 1988 oil rig disaster that ended the lives of 167 people, history is rife with such incidents.

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