Dual Gauge Manifold Pressure Systems

Dual Gauge Manifold Pressure Systems

Contact Instruments

Contact Instruments' Dual Gauge Manifold Pressure System has become an industry standard due to it's unique ability to detect the slightest change in low pressures and monitor low and high pressure without destroying the low pressure gauge.


By using a specially designed shut off we are able to direct low pressure (typically 1000 psi) to a low pressure gauge that makes the manifold pressure readings much more accurate. Once the pressure reaches the low pressure gauge maximum the pressure is then shut off to the low pressure gauge and directed to the high pressure gauge. The Dual Gauge Manifold Pressure system consists of two 6" Simple Pressure gauges, (one for low pressure readings the other for high pressure readings) Contact automatic pressure shut off valve (Pressures are set in our factory to correspond with pressures in the gauges that are ordered) CD106 Diaphram protector or CD136 Piston Isolator 25' High Pressure hose (other hose lengths available) Dual Gauge wall mounting bracket, Instrument Hand Pump and 1 Litre of All Weather Instrument fluid.


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