Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Contact Instruments

Contact Instruments' Diaphragms and 1:1 Piston Isolators are built to protect your gauge or recorder from drilling mud and other contaminants by separating the medium being pumped by either a rubber cup or a piston with seals.


Built to the most exacting standards for the harshest environment to provide years of trouble-free service. Contact Instruments' Diaphram protects are available with Rubber or viton cups while our 1:1 Piston Isolator has numerous seal material options. In todays market where pressures are getting higher and higher we have available both Rubber cup Diaphram and 1:1 Piston Isolator models available in flanged models.


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Contact Instruments provides hydraulic and electronic solutions for all of your drilling instrumentation needs. Visit our products & solutions to see our line of products. We provide Service & Repairs to damaged Instrumentation, find out more.


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