Pump Stands

Pump Stands

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Pump Oil More Efficiently with Premium Pump Stands

In this time and age, no oilfield operator would like to see a gusher on site, since much of the oil is wasted and operators face a financial loss. Pump stands solve this problem by helping collect the oil in a more organized manner, and it also doesn’t involve flammable oil being sprayed everywhere, posing a health hazard.

Operators at oilfields need to pump down their drilled holes quite frequently which creates the need for a sturdy pump stand. Circulating the fluid through the drilling system is an essential part of the process, and Contact Instrument provides Canada and U.S.A-based oilfield operators with all their pumping needs.

At Contact Instruments, there’s never any compromise with the quality of the product, and our pump stands are engineered to meet the strictest of standards. Like other instruments and components provided by us, they’re manufactured by seasoned technicians using sophisticated materials and machinery.

Contact Instruments' Trash Pump Stands are built to strict quality standards with the highest quality materials.

Our Pump Stand is interchangeable with the OEM Pump Stand. We guarantee our customers the highest quality product, great pricing and our in stock guarantee

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Contact Instruments provides hydraulic and electronic solutions for all of your drilling instrumentation needs. Visit our products & solutions to see our line of products. We provide Service & Repairs to damaged Instrumentation, find out more.


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