Contact Instruments

Contact Instruments' Tong Line Pull Systems indicates actual force being applied to a tool joint.

Ideal for drilling contractors, directional companies and tool companies that need to know when a specific torque has been achieved. As the tong is being pulled on, the tension cylinder generates a hydraulic signal that is sent to the gauge through a hose, the gauge then displays that value on the gauge which is measured in Pounds (or metric equivalent) of line pull, the final torque reading can be determined by mulitipling the dial reading times the tong handle length in feet. Gauges are liquid filled to reduce rig and Power tong vibrations and come with an integral dampener to dampen vibrations. Tong Line Pull sytem gauges are available in 6" and 8.5". Tong Line Pull gauges come complete with target pointer. Gauges are available in Box Mount or Panel Mount.

A Tong Torque system includes, 6" or 8.5" Torque gauge, a tension or compression load cell, 5' of high pressure hose, Instrument hand pump and 1 Litre of All Weather Instrument fluid. These gauges come in Box Mount or Panel mount and can be mounted in a box if required. Our Tong Torque systems are available in multiple configurations, simply let us know your requirements and we will build a system that’s just right for your application.

Product Features


  • Systems can be sized for your application
  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 65c (-50 to 150F)
  • Plus or minus 1% of Full Scale
  • Available in Box mount or Panel Mount configurations


  • 3.68 sq in effectice area
  • CTC106, 4.08 sq/in effective area, 20,000 lbs capacity
  • CTC107, 6.53 sq/in effective area, 25,000 lbs capacity
  • CTC110, 10.80 sq/in effective area, 30,000 lbs capacity