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Contact Instruments is a leading Canada-based oilfield instrumentation manufacturer and provider with clientele in Canada and the USA. We provide, among a wide range of oil rig equipment, gauges, tools, and components, custom cables for operators. The cables are developed in house by expert technicians and are specifically engineered to help with drilling rigs, on and offshore. The cables are sturdy and long-lasting, ideal for harsher conditions. Their strength allows them to better resist mechanical stress, extreme temperature, oil, mud, and moisture—all elements that can seriously damage cables of lesser quality. Our cables are customized since we engineer them to suit your specific needs.

At Contact Instruments, you will find a variety of custom cables, including overmolded custom cables, torque turn computer cables, CCTV rugged use cables, as well as cable test boxes and junction blocks. Contact Instrument ensures timely delivery and workable solutions.

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