Electronics Gauges



Safe Work Environment With Electronic Gauges

Operators in oilfields have dangerous jobs that involve higher pressure ranges, putting them in great jeopardy. Electronic gauges can help minimize the high pressure in the lines and thus contribute to increased safety for operators. Contact Instruments provides electronic gauges that are equipped with alarms and options for cutting output on high pressure pumps, making the operator in charge.

Among the many electronic equipment that Contact Instruments provides, you will find: coil tubing weight indicators, electronic pressure gauges, pump pressure and pump stroke gauges, tong torque gauges, electronic midget weight indicators, safety tek reset switches, electronic hook load sensors, and two kinds of digital pressure gauges. This diverse range of rig instruments are all developed and distributed by Contact Instruments, by experienced technicians and through sophisticated equipment. We also provide repair and replacement services to U.S.A. and Canada-based clients. Critical parts and components are manufactured in-house to assure premium-quality.

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