CNC Machining Services

CNC Services

Contact Instruments provides production machining services and tooling design. Our shop utilizes the latest CAD/CAM services to aid our clients in designing, prototyping, and producing their products.

Inquire today about how we can help you bring your products to life.

Product Features


  • In house tooling allows us to very closely monitor progress of molds to meet on-time deliveries. We are also able to perfect the mold to provide the best possible product for our clients.
  • Do you need a custom mold? If so, we have engineering staff to help bring your requirement to life.
  • We have a large inventory of existing tooling to help get projects going

CNC Services

  • Production CNC machining services from small to large runs.
  • CNC Turning Center with Live Tooling
  • CNC Milling with high-speed spindle