Temperature indicators

A Brief Guide to Understanding a Deflection Indicator System

Deflection indicator systems are used essentially as weight indicators for small drilling rigs. They function with the measurement of the misalignment in main bearings before starting the drilling job. It ensures optimal efficiency if placed on a mast or near a derrick. It’s the most preferred instrument for drilling rigs since deflection indicators are easy to use and very effective.

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Pressure sensors by Contact Instruments

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pressure Sensor

When choosing a pressure sensor for your equipment, you’ll find a variety of components for different industrial applications. They provide good resistance to corrosion. However, you’d need to regularly maintain these parts, as you’d do with any other equipment. Pressure sensors come for different industrial applications; therefore, you need to consider your usage and industry before choosing the right pressure sensor. Here are some other things to consider before choosing a pressure sensor that is perfect for your needs.

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boring an existing hole

Understanding Boring in The CNC Machining Process

Ever wondered why mechanical parts and equipment have such precise and accurate holes? It is mainly due to the boring process. Boring is a crucial process in CNC machining. This technique is widely used to finish holes in a workpiece. Even though drilling is commonly used to create holes, boring is used to refine or enlarge existing holes.

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