Types of Drilling Rig Weight Indicators Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

Drilling rig weight indicators are among the many pieces of equipment and machinery needed for smooth operations to ensure both you and your technicians

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The recent energy and water crisis that the US and Canada are facing makes drilling more crucial than ever. The land has more to offer than

Important Facts About Your Drill Pipes

Drills are an essential instrument in the oil rig industry. Without them, there would be no crude oil or petroleum. And without drill pipes,

Beginners Guide to Oil Drilling Equipment

The American oil and gas industry currently supports 9.8 million jobs in the sector, which makes up for nearly 5.6 percent of the total US employment

Drilling Instruments Checklist

Drilling is a complex process that requires the use of heavy equipment that trained experts can operate. While drilling equipment is used to carry

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What is Standpipe Pressure?

What is Standpipe Pressure? Standpipe pressure is the sum of all pressure loss that occurs due to fluid friction. It is mainly used for

Pump Impellers: Types and Impact

What Are Pump Impellers And What Are They Used For? A pump impeller is the rotating component of the centrifugal pumps that transfer fluids