Electronic Coil Tubing Weight Indicator

Contact Instruments’ Electronic Coil Tubing Weight Indicator is the latest evolution of a product that has been in service for over 20 years.

We have taken our experience gathered over the years and updated the Electronic Coil Tubing Weight Indicator into something that is state of the art yet simple to operate. This weight indicator has the reliability customers have come to expect from Contact Instruments.

Improvements over previous designs include High Contrast OLED display, Improved Backlighting, Illuminated pointer and keypad, user adjustable damping, backlighting and alarms.

Through extensive field testing and feedback we have built an indicator that can be field calibrated to whatever sensor the customer needs. Swapping an injector is no longer a problem. Just input your requirements to the WeightTEK gauge and it is ready for service in a few minutes.

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Technical Details

  • Operating Temperature -30C to 65C (-22 to 149F)
  • Input voltage 9-36Vdc
  • Signal 4-20 ma
  • 6″ and 8.5″ Electronic Gauges available
  • Pipe heavy/Pipe Light capable
  • High/Low adjustable alarm settings with a relay
  • Delta Weight Mode
  • Multiple Injector Mode
  • User Adjustable pointer damping
  • LED backlighting, user adjustable
  • Pounds, Dan, Kg dials available

Sensor Information

  • Compression Push/Pull load cell required for pipe heavy/pipe light