Electronic Pressure Gauge

Electronic Gauges offer simple operation and reliability that expect from Contact Instruments. Our Electronic Gauges have a high contrast OLED digital display as well as an analog pointer and are equipped with a user adjustable backlight. The coil tubing gauges we provide are engineered specifically for coil tubing applications used in oil rigs. With the ability to display pump pressure on the analog dial and pump strokes/total strokes on the OLED digital Display you will have all the information you require in a single spot.

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So why switch to electronic gauges? Now more than ever we are using higher pressure ranges which can be dangerous to operators. By using electronics, we are eliminating the high pressure lines that are near the operator, providing a safe working environment with higher accuracy. The PressureTEK range of coil tubing gauges comes standard with high/low alarms with the option for an output to cut the pumps on over pressure.

Save your equipment, keep your staff safe and increase your accuracy!

Contact Instruments’ Electronic Pump Pressure/Casing Pressure gauge is uniquely designed for use in Coil tubing applications.


Technical Details

  • Operating Temperature -30c to 65c (-22 to 149F)
  • Input voltage 9-36Vdc or 120/220Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Signal: 4-20 ma, 0-10VDC, 0-5VDC
  • 6″ and 8.5″ Electronic Gauges available
  • High/Low adjustable alarm settings with a relay
  • User Adjustable pointer dampening
  • LED backlighting, user adjustable
  • Multiple Transducer profiles in one gauge
  • PSI, KPA, Mpa, Bar dials available
  • 3000, 5000, 10,000, 15000, 20,000 PSI Hammer union transducer
  • 4-20 Ma signal

Additional Information


  • Backlit For Easy Viewing
  • Oled Display With Read Out 
  • User Adjustable Damping 
  • User Adjustable Alarms With Relay Output



  • Pressure
  • Coil Tubing Injector Weight Indicator 
  • Weight Indicator
  • Pump Strokes
  • Wireline Weight Indicators



Tek Series gauges are robust and reliable. They also include features such as offset, field calibration, adjustable damping, and free product support unavailable in similar products.