Coil Tubing Weight Indicator

Contact Instruments Coil Tubing Weight Indicator Systems are designed specifically for use on coil tubing units. The systems are offered in Pipe Light/Pipe Heavy or single pointer depending on the needs of your coil tubing unit. Single pointer systems are complete with 6″ or 8 ½” gauge, bracket to mount gauge, hose assembly, disconnect set, load cell and recharge kit consisting of a hand pump and (1) qt. of instrument fluid. Pipe Light/Pipe Heavy systems include 8 ½” deep dish gauge, (2) hose assemblies, (2) disconnect set, (2) load cells, and recharge kit consisting of a hand pump and (1) litre of instrument fluid.

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  • Gauges are fluid filled to ensure proper lubrication and shock resistance
  • Heavy duty Loadcells with field replaceable rubber diaphragms
  • Gauges calibrated a full 360 degrees using a ball bearing style movement to ensure accuracy to within 0.5 to 1% of full scale capacity
  • Available in English or Metric divisions
  • Custom logo available


  • Simple, rugged design that provides years of worry free field serivce
  • Custom built to suit your custom application. Standard versions also available for direct field swaps.

To Order Specify

  • Gauge size (single pointer gauge only)
  • Capacity and ratio of coil tubing unit
  • Single or dual acting system
  • Length of hose