Stand Pipe

Pressure Gauges

Rugged standpipe pressure gauges provide reliable accurate readings of standpipe pressures.

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Tong Gauges

Contact instrument’s tong line pull systems help drilling and directional survey contractors with accurate torque readings.

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Weight Indicator


Contact instruments’ user-friendly weight indicator systems are durable and reliable drilling accessories. the systems are low-maintenance and produce accurate readings.

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“We strive for perfection and settle for nothing less!” As one of Canada’s only OEM drilling instrumentation manufactures we strive to provide unique instrumentation solutions to the global drilling and well servicing market. Whether it’s a simple replacement part or a complete instrumentation rig-up, Contact Instruments can provide cost effective and reliable solutions. All Contact Instruments products are assembled in our Canadian Production facility located in Leduc, Alberta.


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Our mud pressure systems monitor the pump pressure for a variety of pumps and applications to insure that you are getting the most out of your drilling fluids.


Rugged Standpipe Pressure gauges provide reliable accurate readings of standpipe pressures


A Tong Torque system includes, 6″ or 8.5″ Torque gauge, tension or compression load cell, 5′ of high pressure hose, Instrument hand pump and 1 Litre of All Weather Instrument fluid55.


load cells and pressure sensors support functions from Wireline Units, Power Tongs and Flushby Rigs and have multiple uses in industry and the oilfield.

Weigh indcator systems

The weight indicator systems at Contact Instruments come in a diverse range for your diverse drilling needs. This range includes bulk tank, midget, deflection type, coil tubing,

Electronics GAUGES

Electronic gauges can help minimize the high pressure in the lines and thus contribute to increased safety for operators.

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The team at Contact repaired and replaced some control cables that we needed. The service was provided efficiently, on time and the quality of the cables surpassed our expectations. We will be working with Contact again in the future.

Nolan Tews

Contact instruments Ltd.

Great knowledgeable staff! Always there for when a guy is in need of product.

Zackary Lachance

- Contact Instruments Ltd.

Emergency Service

If you have found yourself in this position, then NXT Electric has a responsive staff that will deliver on your needs quickly and efficiently.


We Strive For Perfection And
Settle For Nothing Less!

Our mission is simple; provide superior products and outstanding customer service. No matter your needs we have the capabilities to handle them. We serve a worldwide market and provide great lead times with competitive pricing.