Enseco Energy Services and Cold Bore Technologies

Enseco Energy Services and Cold Bore Technologies

Craig Bergmann has been a loyal supporter and promoter of Contact Instruments products and services for over thirteen years. During this time, Bergmann has followed Mark and the Contact Instruments team through a number of positions in the oil and gas industry due to Mark’s leadership in system integrations and solutions and intercompany cooperation. Contact Instruments has also positioned itself as a strategic supply chain partner within the industry, offering its customers end-to-end service highlighted by quick turnaround times, ample inventory and honest, open communication.

The Challenge

A former MWD Coordinator of Enseco Energy Services, Bergmann’s relationship with Contact Instruments began when he and his team faced a big problem:

“MWD (measurement-while-drilling) is one of the services Enseco provides. This process requires very specific cables and sensors to get the job done,” Bergmann explains, “when our supplier no longer supported these cables and tools, we needed a custom solution to maintain operations, and we needed it fast.” 

Unfortunately, this was easier said than done when it came to finding an all-in-one solution for cable cleaning and repair. 

“Cable cleaning is not an easy process. Most companies don’t even have a clean and repair facility, and it can be challenging to identify what’s wrong with the cables,” says Bergmann, “most companies would rather sell you a new one rather than try to fix it.” 

However, upon approaching Mark and the knowledgeable team at Contact Instruments, Bergmann had found his answer.

The Solution

Compared to other companies that had an aversion to helping Craig and the Enseco team with their specific needs, Contact Instruments stepped up to the challenge. 

“Mark came by and offered to clean and repair the cables he could while selling us the ones we needed at a reasonable price,” Bergmann says, “Mark was only too happy to provide us with the solution we were asking for as well as suggestions to improve our processes going forward.”

Mark’s willingness to meet Enseco’s needs didn’t stop at cable cleaning, repair and replacement, however. Mark also spearheaded several different product solutions to help spur Enseco’s operations, including cable test boxes, reels and more. 

Bergmann has continued to partner with Contact Instruments over the last several years, including his current role as Cold Bore Technology’s Director of Hardware. Mark and his team have also continued to push forward, producing flexible, proactive solutions to meet their customers’ needs. This includes establishing and maintaining an all-new machine shop to deliver custom-tailored solutions, reduce supply chain friction and offer a ready supply of inventory. 

“Mark is the kind of person that knows a solution always comes from a complaint,” Bergmann explains, “Contact Instruments is always looking for ways to solve the problem by asking ‘Would you like me to help you fix that?’”

The Results

So successful has been Mark’s commitment to providing necessary custom solutions that Contact Instruments has now become an integral part of Cold Bore’s operations. 

“Contact Instruments was key to growing our business. With their support, we were able to rapidly scale the hardware at our company and keep our staffing to a manageable level. Sending Mark and his team a single purchase order for large quantities allowed them to handle the details so we could focus on doing business.” 

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