Electronic Midget Weight Indicator

Contact Instruments’ Electronic Midget Weight Indicator is designed for use on small work over rigs, rod rigs, flushby rigs and other small rigs.

Our Electronic Midget uses a electronic deflection cell that clamps on the deadline so no special brackets are required. Using electronics we have eliminated running hydraulic hoses, and difficult mounting of loadcells. No leaks, no air bubbles, just a consistant weight indicator allowing you to get your work done safely. The Electronic Deflection Cell provides an electronic signal to the gauge for an extremely accurate reading.

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Over the last 15 years the Electronic midget has become known for its reliable and accurate readings. With our MAC motor gauge and hook load sensor, customers have a weight indicator that is trouble free and easy to use.

The Contact Instruments’ Midget Weight Indicators have single line loads between 25,000 pounds for our Midget and 30,000 pounds for our Super Midget. We can offer a small, compact easy to use and extremely reliable weight Indicator system for your application. Find out more.