Standpipe Pressure Gauge Type F

Rugged Standpipe Pressure gauges provide reliable accurate readings of standpipe pressures.

Available in the Type D (Type 4) or Type F (Type 6) version, all Contact Instruments gauges are available in 2″ NPT, 1502 Hammer union or flanged connections. Our gauges are designed with an internal dampening system which reduces gauge fluctuation. Each gauge is liquid filled to minimize wear on the internal movement system which delivers smooth accurate readings in the harshest of conditions.

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Contact Instruments manufactures a full range of mud pressure gauges to suit every application. From standard and salt water services to sour gas, we have the gauge to keep you up and running.

Technical Details

  • 1000 PSI 7000 KPA 70 BAR
  • 3000 psi 21000 kPa 210 bar
  • 6000 psi 42000 kPa 420 bar
  • 10000 psi 70000 kPa 700 bar
  • 15000 psi 105000 kPa 1050 bar

Additional Information


  • Type D (Type 4) Or Type F (Type 6) Versions
  • NPT, 1502-Series Hammer Union or Flanged Connections
  • Internal Dampening System Which Reduces Fluctuation
  • Liquid Filled to Minimize Wear on the Internal Movement System
  • Smooth Accurate Readings in the Harshest Conditions



  • Standpipe Pressure
  • Choke Manifold
  • Mud Pump Pressure



We strive to offer competitively priced Type D and F mud gauges that last. Nearly all of our gauges are manufactured in Canada under our strict quality control system, allowing us to deliver a consistent product built to a higher standard.