Pad Type Weight Indicator

The 6″ Pad Type Weight Indicator is a highly durable and portable dual pad load cell system with a zero adjust six inch gauge. The single load cell senses the total weight of the mast and hook load, and it relays the hydraulic signal to the weight gauge.

The Pad Type Weight Indicator provides accurate readings over its long service life. All of our systems are housed in a heavy duty steel box with removable front and back doors to protect the gauges during shipment, installation and removal. A 2” NPT coupling is welded to the bottom of the cabinet for mounting on a pipe stand for increased visibility. All gauges are fluid-filled to lubricate, prevent rust, soften vibration and avoid fogging. Ideally suited for work over rigs or double drum well service rigs. Ordering Specifications

Capacity of Indicator: 50000 to 300000 lb
Units: English, Metric, SI
Rig Type

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Technical Details

  • Capacity of Indicator: 50000 to 300000 lb
  • Units: English, Metric, SI
  • Rig Type