CNC Machining Services

Contact Instruments is proud to offer in-house production machining services and tooling design that set us apart from the competition. Our shop utilizes the latest CAD/CAM services to aid our clients in designing, prototyping, and producing their products.


Our in-house capabilities allow for full control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring precision and reliability in every component we produce. This ensures consistent quality and fast turnaround times, reducing lead times and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, by offering CNC machining services in-house, we’re able to maintain a high level of flexibility, accommodating custom requirements and modifications for our clients. Whether it’s prototyping new components or producing large orders, our CNC machining services guarantee exceptional accuracy, superior efficiency, and complete accountability, making us the trusted choice for all your drilling instrumentation needs.


All Contact Instruments products are assembled in our Canadian Production facility located in Nisku, Alberta. Not only do we have 100% quality control, but each and every product we fabricate is subject to a stringent in-house inspection before orders get shipped. Our clean and organized shop allows us to easily manage inventory while inspiring great work.


  • In house tooling allows us to very closely monitor progress of molds to meet on-time deliveries. We are also able to perfect the mold to provide the best possible product for our clients.
  • Do you need a custom mold? If so, we have engineering staff to help bring your requirement to life.
  • We have a large inventory of existing tooling to help get projects going

CNC Services

  • Production CNC machining services from small to large runs.
  • CNC Turning Center with Live Tooling
  • CNC Milling with high-speed spindle