Measuring Head Weight Indicators

Contact Instruments’ Measuring Head Weight Indicator System is specially designed to work in the measuring head of a wire line truck.

With the need to protect your investment of downhole tools our Measuring Head Weight Indicator helps you do just that.

The system operates via hydraulic pressure transmitted through a hose that is connected to a load cell mounted in the measuring head to read on a 6″ gauge that is mounted in the operator’s cab. This system requires no external power. The system is assembled and fully charged with Contact Instruments’ All-Weather Instrument Fluid when shipped.

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Technical Details

  • Operating Temperature range -45° to +65°C (-50° to +150°F)
  • Available with zero adjust on the rear or front of the gauge
  • Capacities of: 5000, 6000, 10,000 and 20,000 Pounds
  • Dial readings in Pounds, Decanewtons and Kilograms available
  • Custom Logo dials available
  • Standard 10:1 vernier movement with simple movement optional
  • Calibration accuracy of +- 0.5%

Sensor Information

  • CCC107 12.0 sq/in Compression load cell