Clipper Weight Indicators

Our compact, easy to view, clipper weight indicator (also known as a deflection weight indicator or line scale) has been the preferred weight indicator on small drilling rigs and workover rigs for years.

Contact Instruments’ Clipper Style Weight Indicator is a cost effective way of being able to move a single weight Indicator from rig to rig as it utilizes 10 different dials with line size and number of lines strung. Each Clipper Weight Indicator comes mounted in a steel box with a 2” NPT coupling on the bottom so it can be mounted in a spot for easy viewing by the driller. The Clipper Weight Indicator system consists of a 12″ Weight Gauge c/w 10 dials mounted in a steel box, a tension load cell, a C-Clamp and a 25′ high pressure hose.

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Technical Details

  • 7/8″
    • 2 Lines
    • 4 Lines
    • 6 Lines
  • 1″
    • 4 Lines
    • 6 Lines
    • 8 Lines
  • 1 1/8″
    • 6 Lines
    • 8 Lines
  • 1 1/4″
    • 6 Lines
    • 8 Lines
  • Maximun single line load 39,000 pounds
  • Decanewton and Kilogram Dials available
  • Swaged Line, Dials Available
  • Mounted in steel box with doors for transport

Additional Information


  • User Adjustable Dampening
  • 12” Dial Face
  • 10 Dials Included From 2-Lines 7/8” to 8-Lines 1 1⁄4”
  • 25′ Hose
  • 48,000 lbs Single Line Pull Capacity (1” Drill Line)
  • Available English, Metric and Si Metric Dials


  • Drilling Rigs
  • Workover Rigs
  • Well Service Rigs


The CDT100’s weight-sensing components have been overbuilt to avoid inherent faults and increase lifespan. Thanks to years of continuous improvements, you can look forward to a reliable weight indicator that lasts longer.