Custom Molded Cables

Overmolded Custom Cable Assemblies offer users waterproof assemblies that reduce field downtime and miswiring

Contact Instruments’ Cable Division has proven that although we aren’t the biggest in this area, our ability to provide unique products and outstanding quality along with short delivery times, allows us to look after all your cabling needs.

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Our overmolding cable service includes engineering to the highest standards in 2D or 3D. We are able to provide manufacturing drawings in less than 2 days in most cases.

We stock a large selection of overmolded cables and connectors which provides us the ability to deliver your cables with very short lead times. Contact Instruments’ cables are designed with the harshness of the Canadian winter in mind and we have proven over the years that this attention to environmental concerns can help you no matter the challenging application you may have or where you might be using them.

Contact Instruments is the leader in Drilling Instrumentation and Custom Molded Cables in Canada and the USA.

MWD Cables

At Contact we know that MWD equipment is expensive and that your customers demand you provide the highest quality equipment and service. Our MWD cables are built to the highest quality specifications and are tested throughout the manufacturing process.

Our attention to detail and customer service lets you rest assured that when you need a molded custom cable, a single phone call or email will get the job done.


Contact’s overmolding process assures you of a consistant high quality protection for any connector used in any application. The overmolding encapsulates the connector in polyurethane to protect it from enviormental concerns such as water, dirt and corrosive materials so you can rest assured your cables will not cause you any problems while in use. The choice of standard colors is large and always in stock. Contact’s inventory of cable and connectors allows us to deliver your products with short lead times and our personal service is something you just can’t receive elsewhere.



  • WaterTight Urethane Bond
  • TPU Overmold with strain relief
  • 100% Tested for continuity and resistance

Extensive mold inventory allows us to mold just about any connector:

  • Mil Circ: 5015. 26482. 38999. Autmotive Connectors. Din Cap. Coax. Lemo. D-Sub
  • Transition molds – Y Molds to replace junction boxes
  • In-House Tooling Design
  • Customer Schematics supplied with all cables
  • Automatic Wire Processing Equipment
  • Wide variety of Polyurethane Cable

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  • 2D or 3D
  • Mil Circ: 5015. 26482. 38999.
  • Automotive Connectors. Din Cap.
  • Coax. Lemo. D-Sub
  • Transition molds – Y Molds to Replace Junction Boxes
  • In-House Tooling Design
  • Customer Schematics Supplied
  • Automatic Wire Processing Equipment
  • Wide variety of Polyurethane Cable
  • Waterproof Assemblies



  • Oil and Gas
  • Drilling
  • Fracking
  • Well service
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining



Our custom cables are produced with top-quality materials, exclusively incorporating OEM connectors from trusted manufacturers like Amphenol and ITT Cannon. They are also designed with a watertight urethane bond, ensuring excellent protection against water damage. The TPU overmold with strain relief contributes to increased durability and reliability and each cable undergoes thorough testing for continuity and resistance, guaranteeing great performance.