Tension Load Cells

Contact Instruments’ Tension Load Cells are available in several sizes and capacities.

Over the years these load cells have been used in numerous functions from Power Tongs, Midget Weight Indicators, Hopper Weight Indicators to Flushby Rigs and small Work Over Rigs. Each part is designed to operate in harsh conditions and manufactured to the highest standards with the tightest tolerances to provide our customers with reliable and trouble free service for years to come.

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Technical Details

  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 65C (-50 to 150F)

Sensor Options

  • 3.68 sq in effectice area
  • CTC106, 4.08 sq/in effective area, 20,000 lbs capacity
  • CTC107, 6.53 sq/in effective area, 25,000 lbs capacity
  • CTC110, 10.80 sq/in effective area, 30,000 lbs capacity