Load Cells Pressure Sensors

Contact Instruments

Contract Instruments manufactures durable and extremely accurate pressure sensors and load cells. Although they perform with hydraulics, not electricity, they are built to last. They withstand moisture and corrosive atmospheres and can manage any load, whether the load is hanging from them or on top of them. These load cells and pressure sensors support functions from Wireline Units, Power Tongs and Flushby Rigs and have multiple uses in industry and the oilfield. Contact Instruments’ is the leader in design, build, and testing of each product to work in the harshest industrial environments and will provide years of dependable service. We have the right product regardless if they are needed for your weight indicator or a mud pressure sensor. Call us if you need a gauge protector or a 4:1 pressure Debooster system. Contact Instruments always has the right product to fit your needs.

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