Midget Weight Indicators

Midget & Super Midget Weight Indicators

Contact Instruments

Contact Instruments' Midget and Super Midget Weight Indicators are ideally suited for small work over rigs, Water well rigs and Flushby Rigs.

With single line loads between 25000 pounds for our Midget and 30,000 Pounds for our Super Midget we can offer a small, compact easy to use and extremely reliable weight Indicator system for your application. Weight Indicator systems come with a 6"" or 8.5"" gauge mounted in a painted steel box, 25' of high pressure hose, tension sensor (see below for details) an Instrument Hand pump and 1 Litre of All Weather Instrument Fluid. Your system will come ready to be installed.


Looking for an Electronic solution? Check out our Electronic Midget Weight Indicator. Using a hook load sensor and electronic gauge ensure accuracy and ease of use.

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