Single Pointer Pressure Gauges

Single Pointer Pressure Gauges

Mud Pump Oilfield Instrumentation

Contact Instruments' Single Pointer Pressure Gauge Systems Are Used In Cementing And Fracing Operations To Indicate Pump Pressure.

Single Pointer Mud Pressure Gauges from Contact Instruments.

Contact Instrument's Single Pointer Pressure Gauge systems are used to indicate pump pressure. Remote Pressure indicator receives its signal from a 15,000 psi, 2 in 1502 gauge protector assembly, 1:1 Piston Isolator or 4:1 Debooster. These gauges are precise, reliable and field proven. Theis system is available in pressures up to 15,000 psi. Each gauge comes fluid filled for added protection against vibrations. User adjustable dampening allows for fine tuning of pointer sensitivity.

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