Trash Pump Parts

Trash Pump Parts

Contact Instruments

Trash Pump Parts for Oilfield Applications

Trash pumps are an essential part of the equipment being used in an oilfield. These heavy-duty applications require regular maintenance and may require parts replacement or repair over time. Contact Instruments provides solutions by offering repair services and trash pump parts for replacement. The parts we provide are user-friendly and easy to handle. Contact Instruments is a premium and exclusive oilfield instrumentation developer and provider. Our trash pump parts are similarly engineered for professional applications. Our trash pump parts are reliable and durable, adding value and strength to your trash pumps.

At Contact Instruments, you can find a variety of trash pump parts for all your oilfield pumping needs. These include impellers, volutes, regular and premium seal kits, brass wear rings, elbows, and pump stands.

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Contact Instruments provides hydraulic and electronic solutions for all of your drilling instrumentation needs. Visit our products & solutions to see our line of products. We provide Service & Repairs to damaged Instrumentation, find out more.


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