Type F Mud Gauge

Type F Mud Gauge

Contact Instrument's Type F Mud Gauges provides dependable, precise pressure readings. Our high-quality gauges can easily be mounted on mud pumps and used for a variety of operating procedures.

Our durable and sturdy mud gauges come with capacities up to 20,000 PSI and serve as the ideal equipment to monitor pump pressure with a high degree of accuracy.

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Product Features

Why Use Type F Mud Gauges?

  • Type F Mud Gauges is equipped with a built-in damping feature to reduce gauge fluctuations.
  • Type F Mud Gauges are filled with liquid that reduces vibrations.
  • Type F Mud Gauges have a clear lens that allows for easy reading in rough weather conditions.
  • Type F Mud Gauges support temperature ranging from -45°C to 120°C.