Pressure Deboosters

Contact Instruments
Contact Instruments’ 4:1 Pressure Deboosters are becoming an essential tool in Today’s era of extremly high pressures associated with production testing, fracking and oil well cementing.

Contact Instruments’ 4:1 Debooster safely reduces the pressure by 75% so we are able to safely transmit hydraulic pressure through a hose to a gauge. Reducing the pressure that the gauge reads allows for a safer operating environment in case of any equipment failures. 4:1 Deboosters are made from the highest quality materials with certs available.

We offer a number of models to suit your needs.

Product Features


  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 65C (-50 to 150F)
  • Pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • Threaded cap or bolted cap models
  • 1502 wing nut, 2002 wing nut, 2202 wing nut models available
  • Proof tested to 150% of rating
  • *+ – 2% of full scale accuracy


  • 1502 wing nut, 15,000 PSI working pressure
  • 2002 wing nut
  • 2202 wing nut models available
  • Flanged models with various flanges available