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Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments strives to reduce complexities by manufacturing and supplying end-to-end instrumentation solutions and gauges. Not only do we make system integration easier by keeping a ready supply of gauges in stock, but we also offer same or next-day shipping and singular purchase orders.*

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Mud Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments’ mud pressure gauges are incredibly accurate, ensuring optimal performance in the field while keeping operators and equipment safe. Our gauges and pumps are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, and their rugged construction and design can be counted on in both high-temperature and contaminated environments.

Moreover, Contact Instruments’ mud pressure gauges are designed for various applications while ensuring optimum drilling fluid performance and a reduction in downtime. If you’re looking for premium-quality mud pressure gauges and drilling mud pumps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Our standpipe pressure gauges are manufactured in-house under strict conditions to ensure strength and precision. These units are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive materials, and high-pressure fluids.

For oilfield producers, choosing a reliable standpipe pressure gauge is an investment in your operations. Our quality-made products will allow you to confidently measure the pressure of drilling fluid in the standpipe, identify inefficiencies or risks, and make informed decisions moving forward.

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Torque Gauge Systems

Contact Instruments produces high-quality torque gauge systems for the global drilling and well servicing market.

Our torque gauge systems provide the very best accuracy, reliability and efficiency. They also reduce the likelihood of damage to machinery while maximizing uptime and minimizing maintenance and repair costs. Our systems are built to withstand all conditions and will continue to perform even in the most demanding drilling or well-servicing applications.

A tong torque system includes a 6″ or 8.5″ torque gauge, tension or compression load cell, 5′ of high-pressure hose, an instrument hand pump, and 1 litre of all weather instrument fluid 55 (intentional). Tong torque gauges are available in box or panel mount and multiple configurations. Let us know what you need, and we’ll build the right system for your application.

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Electronic Gauges

Electronic gauges can help minimize high pressure and improve safety conditions for operators. Contact Instruments specializes in electronic gauges equipped with alarms and additional options for cutting output on high-pressure pumps, allowing the operator to take charge and minimize hazards. 

Our broad selection of gauges includes coil tubing weight indicators, electronic pressure gauges, pump pressure and pump stroke gauges, tong torque gauges, electronic midget weight indicators, safety tek reset switches, electronic hook load sensors, and digital pressure gauges. Each and every instrument in our collection has been developed by experienced technicians and sophisticated equipment. We also provide repair and replacement services to U.S.A. and Canada-based clients.

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