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Three Benefits of Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Three Benefits of Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

July 24, 2023

Over the last few decades, overmolding has changed the functionality and appearance of cable assemblies dramatically. The overmolding process utilizes injection molding to force materials into mold cavities through a great deal of pressure. The most popular materials used for overmolded cable assemblies are thermoset or thermoplastic materials.

Overmolded cable products can be used in a variety of industrial applications while withstanding the most demanding environmental rigours. Take a look at some major benefits that make overmolded cable assemblies the best choice for numerous applications:

Customization Options:

One of the most important benefits of overmolded cable assemblies is the possibility of customization. Depending on your budget, the options available for material, wire type, style, and colour are endless. The mold is created to the specification of the client which makes the cable assembly essentially a custom product. You can also choose custom conductor types and jacketing materials. There is an added option of adding a molded connector which will create a stable and perfect fit for most equipment.


The overall look of any panel can be ruined by a connector that doesn’t match. A lot of connectors look quite industrial because appearance isn’t something most customers are concerned about when creating cable assemblies. They usually focus on creating a sleek and elegant look for their front panels.

The jacketing material of the molded cable assembly produces a result that matches the front of the panel and ensures that its elegance and sleekness will not be compromised.

Additionally, the custom molding allows branding to be incorporated into the molds. Which means you can add specific details such as company names and logos to the cable assembly as well.   

Improved Durability:

The unique design and process of making the overmolded cable assembly create seals that are impervious to a number of fluids such as oil and water. This results in a more durable cable assembly that can function in harsher environments without deteriorating.

This means there is also a lower risk of premature failure of the cables. The overmold also creates a second layer of protection for the connectors or any other component that is getting overmolded. The overmold acts as a strain or flex relief for the wire encapsulated within it to prevent damage during years of flexing and usage.

Get High-Quality Overmolded Cable

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