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Three Most Important Drilling Instruments You Should Know About

Three Most Important Drilling Instruments You Should Know About

July 25, 2023

Drilling instruments for oil and gas

Drilling rigs are massive structures that are designed to drill oil wells, water wells, or natural gas extraction wells. From hydraulic equipment to electronic equipment, drilling instruments are required to conduct operations efficiently.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the three most important drilling instruments that are necessary to carry out the drilling process, namely mud pressure systems, load cells, and weight indicator systems. Each of these instruments is crucial to oil rig operations.

Let’s briefly discuss these drilling instruments to provide you with a better understanding of their functionalities:

Mud Pressure Systems 

Mud pressure systems are one of the most important instruments that are used during the oilfield drilling process. They circulate drilling well fluid down and back up again using high pressure.

These gauge systems are primarily used to detect problems in mud operations as they offer a quick display of the pump pressure.

These quality mud pressure systems come filled with fluid for added protection against vibrations and also allow for fine-tuning of pointer sensitivity.

Load Cells

Load cells are a type of transducer that converts a force such as compression, pressure, tension, or torque into an electrical signal for standardization and measurement. They allow for the transferring of load pressure to the gauge, enabling the operator to measure the load. Load cells have several applications and dominate the weighing industry.

As load cells are durable and resilient, they can be used in hazardous work conditions without compromising the performance or output.

Weight Indicator Systems 

Weight indicator systems are used for the weighing of chemicals, cement, and drilling mud on rigs. They contain load cells, sensors, or chart recorders to accurately define tension, weight, or compression. They are primarily used to measure downhole tool weight during wireline operations.

Weight indicator systems provide precise weight readings on the drill string, which prevents stuck pipes, twist-offs, and other tight-hole conditions. They are designed to be reliable, accurate, and withstand harsh drilling rig conditions.

OEM Drilling Instruments

The aforementioned drilling instruments are extremely important to ensure efficient and accurate drilling operations. However, it’s important to buy high-quality equipment to realize their benefits. Hence, it’s important to choose a reputable drilling instrumentation manufacturer to procure these drilling instruments.If you’re looking for top-quality machinery for your drilling rig, get in touch with Contact Instruments today! We’re Canada’s leading OEM drilling instrumentation manufacturer that provides quality instrumentation solutions, including mud pressure systems,load cells, and weight indicator systems. To learn more, call us at 780-955-8998 or visit our website.