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Tong Torque Gauge vs Tong Line Pull Which Option Is Right For You?

Tong Torque Gauge vs Tong Line Pull Which Option Is Right For You?

July 25, 2023

Tong torque gauge

Oilfield tongs are large, self-locking wrenches that are used to spin pipes and, in some cases, apply the final makeup torque. There are two common tools that are used to measure the torque being applied to tongs—tong torque gauges and tong line pull gauges. Both perform the same task, but the process differs from one to the other.

Let’s compare and contrast the two to help you select the right option:

Tong Torque Gauge

Tong torque gauges consist of a load cell, gauge, and hose, and can be used on both power tongs and manual tongs. These gauges are not universal, so the handle length cannot be changed; hence it is calibrated to a specific length. Therefore, they provide an output in foot/pounds rather than force/pounds, which mitigates the need for converting the measurement.

This helps the driller prevent miscalculations that could lead to twist-off. The calculation is completed once the system is calibrated, making it easier to measure the torque in the field.

Tong Line Pull Gauge

Tong line pull gauges also consist of a load cell, gauge, and hose, and are used in hydraulic and manual tongs. These gauges are universal, and can be used with any tong handle length; therefore, they can be transferred from one system to another. Hence, they can also measure force/pounds on multiple manual tongs.

Tong line pull gauges are particularly useful when a driller wants to move from different manual tong systems with different handle lengths.

Which Option Is Right?

When choosing between tong torque gauges and tong line pull gauges, there are several factors that you must consider. For instance, if you want to use the gauge for more than one handle length, then tong line pull gauges are the right option. Similarly, if you need the gauge to measure force/pounds, then opt for tong torque gauges

Moreover, you need to determine whether you will be using the gauge for manual tongs or power tongs, and also decide whether the driller will perform calculations in the field or not. Both tools offer accurate results, but keeping these points in mind will help you pick a more suitable option.

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