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Using Tong Torque Gauges for Drilling

Using Tong Torque Gauges for Drilling

July 25, 2023

Tong Torque Gauges

Tong torque gauges are used to measure the amount of torque generated in foot-pounds per joint. They are available is a variety of scales, makes, and models and are used in the running of oilfield tubulars for precision checks.

Principles of Operation

The two main parts of the torque assembly are the dial gauge and the load element. The load element comprises a rugged hydraulic cylinder that’s connected to a cathead line on one end and a tong lever on the other. In case power tongs are being used, the cathead line is replaced with the backup line.

It’s important that the tong lever arm is adjusted so that it pulls at a 90° angle for an accurate indication. The hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the dial gauge which is mounted on the tong lever by a connecting hose.  

Here are some reasons why a tong torque is the most accurate and ideal gauge for drilling rigs:

Ensures Correct Tool Joint and Drill Collar Makeup:

Usually, on drilling rigs, a specific make-up torque is required for different sized tool joints and drill collars. A tong torque gauge ensures proper torque is maintained by the operator. This is done by providing rotary shoulder connections that are made for the specific torque recommended by the manufacturer.

If an operator uses the tong torque gauge properly, it can reduce drill collar failure significantly. This saves thousands of dollars that would otherwise be used for joint repairs or fishing jobs. Regardless of the fatigue factor, condition of the cathead, or the size of the joint, a tong torque gauge is a standardized tool for any tool joint make-up.

Rotary Torque Gauge Calibration:

Most rotary torque indicators used on drilling rigs do not read in absolute units. However, locking the rotary at the drawworks by using tong torque equipment, the rotary torque can be calibrated to read accurate foot-pounds of torque. This provides a better reading of the torque and other units which improves the overall performance of the drilling rig.

Standardized Makeup of Tubing and Casing Strings:

When combined with other supporting equipment such as the chart reader, a tong torque gauge will provide uniform makeup for all the casing strings and tubing. It allows the operator to set the second target pointer which shows the required amount of torque, the equipment can then be adjusted to produce the ideal amount of torque required.

Quality Tong Torque Gauges For Your Operations

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